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Quality Referees Camp

Quality Referees


"Our crew got 4 games of girls regionals from 1A-3A and we got as far as a 2A semi final in girls regionals. In boys we did a first round game in 3A and had a 1A district Final. This is our second year having a full regular season schedule and second year being assigned to boys tournaments. We are really looking forward to next year. I'm really glad we were able to get to your camp last summer, it really helped us out!  We are looking at going to two camps for sure this year including the one at Simpson College. Thanks again for everything and we'll look forward in seeing you this summer."
-Quality Referee Attendee

"I would recommend the clinic if an official truly wants to improve their officiating. It will be well organized with specific topics and I'm sure with a wealth of knowledge from experienced officials. It also provides an environment with other officials also wanting to get better to share opinions and ideas. In the past a group session has been done with officials having questions and comments. Really good for officials to interact."
-Pete Peterson

"The camps have been simply fantastic!  By attending, I learned the "right" way to officiate. My mechanics were sharpened and ability to cover the floor became more fluid. The camp clinicians have always been extremely knowledgeable and focused on making every official in attendance better. The attention to detail at Quality Referee Officiating Camps has enabled many officials to move from average to good and good to excellent. The various weekends the camps are offered really helped me work on my game while not sacrificing family time or the summer recreational experiences we all enjoy. Bottom line...Quality Referees Officiating Camps are a must will no doubt make you a better official!  Make your attendance a priority!"
-Justin Stockdale

"I have gone to Chuck Brittain’s camps the past 3 years. I feel that Chuck and his staff are very knowledgeable. Chuck is more than willing to help any official become better.
There are class room discussions and on court officiating with evaluators working with officials. You will learn many of the officiating mechanics. Plus any question with rules will be discussed.
I have always been able to pick something up whether it is about a rule or something with mechanics. Plus I enjoy getting to know fellow officials better."

-John Bartolo

"Importance of basketball camps for officials
My name is John Conlon and I have officiated high school basketball for 30 years. Not sure if I’m able to put in words the importance of attending official’s camps. With the talent
pool of high school athletics and the intensity of winning games in today’s environment it would be difficult or almost impossible to officiate games without being involved in Chuck Britain’s camps. I have been blessed with the success I have had in my refereeing career and I contribute it to working camps in the summer. What it does for an official:
A. mechanics (separates a good official from average)
B. floor coverage ( close down, work wide, spacing)
C. communication ( how to communicate with players and coaches)
D. game flow (how to manage a game being the official)
E. being involved ( being a official is more than a paycheck)

That is just a few of the things that I picked up working at Mr. Britain’s basketball camps in the off season. Officials not willing to work at basketball camps in the off season are missing out on the most important link on being a better official."
Sincerely, John Conlon