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Quality Referees Camp

Quality Referees

2009 Camps

Quality Referees Camps and Schools have been organized and developed in order to effectively teach and train basketball officials and to provide each official with the information necessary to achieve their individual goals. Identifying those goals and establishing a realistic approach for achieving their full potential. We are dedicated to teaching each participant the finest court coverage techniques while offering insight as to the mental aspects of being a successful basketball official. We pledge that our focus will be on learning and development.

Each Cornell College camp you will be able to choose either one day or both days cost for one will be $50 and both days will be $85 If you choose two days you may attend any two days that you like.
I recommend that you sign up for the entire weekend as it seems we achieve the best results when you work two days in a row.

For the Simpson College camp $150 will cover room board and the materials. This camp will be the camp designed for the official that is looking to improve their schedule as well as potentially move from a high school schedule to a collegiate schedule. I highly encourage officials that are working high school or Junior College basketball to attend. The quality of the basketball will be very high and I will be using this camp as a means to improve the Iowa Conference Officiating staff (NCAA Division III) as well as to add staff. I plan to hire officials from this camp for the Iowa Conference. This will be a two day camp all day Saturday 9:00 AM through the evening and on Sunday 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM.

There will be classroom rule study and testing. Your games will be taped and replayed with an evaluator.